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On a Monday night in October, Lassie James sits in Pig Farm Tavern in Chapel Hill when Dr. Holly Pike appears. She electrifies the room, but all Lassie can think about is how she ran out on him when they were going to get married. Just ghosted him all those years ago. Before Lassie can process his old feelings for her, Dr. Pike’s reappearance in his life takes a surprise turn . . . 

Dr. Pike explains that her billion-dollar company, Gimghoul Research Labs, has been the target of anonymous emails alleging fraud. Signs point to a disgruntled researcher. Suddenly propositioned by Dr. Pike with an inside job that Lassie can’t turn down—an inside job that will pay him five million dollars to track down the source of the anonymous emails—Lassie soon uncovers a murderous web of corruption. 

When an important figure at UNC turns up murdered, and Lassie unexpectedly becomes a suspect, he must quickly work to connect the dots between the inside job, the murder, and Dr. Pike’s company. 


 There is a fair-skinned brunette, she plants in the spring.
She wears a big hat, to keep her cheeks soft.

Her shoulders get red, in the Halifax sun.
She appears in my dreams, when angels carry me off. 

She hangs jeans on her hips.
And sheets on the line.
The fair-skinned brunette.

With the porcelain shine. 

From the Lassie James Songbook Vol. I By John Bare & Don Dixon

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