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Politics, pork, environmental activism, and a request from a deceased college friend all converge when the University moves to sell Battle Park to developers. Lassie’s wife, Pearl, puts her freedom on the line to protect the beloved forest. Pearl’s strong-arm defense of the 93-acre treasure leads to her arrest and pulls Lassie into trading favors with Gov. Emelyn Wheeler just as the governor is campaigning for reelection andfighting off threats from competitors of her chain of Miss Emmy’s Barbecue Shacks.

With Battle Park imperiled, Lassie receives news that an old friend from Connor Dorm, H.F. Turley, has passed away. H.F. had been the lead singer in Snow Camp, their Connor Dorm band. In his will, HF asked Lassie to produce a memorial service in Battle Park’s Forest Theatre featuring songs Snow Camp played at Springfest ’82.

The events leave Lassie and Pearl navigating multiple hazards while trying to protect Battle Park’s future and chasing after the long-lost Springfest ’82 tapes. As bulldozers rumble at Battle Park, new unexpected global threats emerge. Siler, owner of Pig Farm Tavern, opens his bar to Lassie and Pearl to plot their course and lends his charm to boost Miss Emmy’s campaign.


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